Swinners Songs from 2007 2007 March07 Haunting Daunting Spring April07 Madge to Madeline Leslie Red Kite Eleanor May07 (Suz got Married in May I wrote Church bells for her.) Late autumn Cameron Loretta’s Song Tom Atkinson June07 Last Cigarette July07 Jess the Graduate Tower of Strength Aug07 Kate from Mosely Let me out of here Febsong Fading Hippocastannae September07 Siren Sister Cool Girl October07 (Phyl started writing lyrics….thank God) Stranger in the Shadows Damn Lies Empty Rooms November07 Remember This was Ours Turn That Corner Whispers Levon December07 Bridge of Sighs Mind Games Reign Down Midnight Cowboy 2008 Jan08 Mansfield Tiny Dancer Harmony Annie Lennox Avril Lavigne Feb08 Alex Parcs Kris Get Well Palette of a Painter March08 Alex Parcs Bruce Springsteen Seahorses April08 Pet Shop Boys No Contact Imagine Dido Cranberries Country Comfort Birdsong May08 When Darkness Falls Sheryly Crowe good is good harmonica Midnight Oil….Beds Harmonica Genesis Fields of Confusion (Good) Jun08 The Return Jul08 The Dance Never Boring SHEET MUSIC by Phyl Wright Understanding Women (Two Pianos) The Force (Fry inspired) The Calm (dreary Beat) Simple World (really nice with harmonics) Aug08 When Darkness Falls Shooting Star with Harmonica Neil Young (Oh Lonesome Me) SHEET MUSIC by Phyl Wright Sept08 Rose Had Thorns Davie Bowie Major Tom Oct08 The Unrequited Supertramp October Sharpness (good) Swin on Mixcraft (good) Nov08 That Ship Has Sailed Jess in London Bonfire Blues Dec08 Cry of the Eagle SHEET MUSIC by Phyl Wright Rebirth is Cry of the Eagle named by me 2009 Jan09 Winter Hammond Walking In London Robbie Burns Frost Celtic Mix Feb09 The Dance final version with harmonica The Dance Experiment. After the (Before the Dance) March09 Spring Remember this was ours March Rock April09 Mansfield Ides of April Beds Fading Lights May09 May Celebration Flight of Fancy Birthday Harmonica Action Studio Jun09 Glastonbury Festival Jul09 Ides of July Ruling Passion Moth to a Flame EJ Project Aug09 Luke with Harmonica Understanding Women John Wright Aug 03 renewal Sept09 The Will Come Leah Runaway Chapman Oct09 No songs… Had Laryingitis Gave up smoking Nov09 Derek Head Steve Baron Blackhound Bonfire Night Triumphant…Love it Taylor Swift Love Story December Throat….. very good Dec09 Lipstick Jan10 No music Feb10 Decade of Decadence Spring is close Mar10 Classics April10 Scaffold Unrequited Swin on Roland May10 Maypole Riffs June10 Gentle John Wright Stuart Brett Nothing Compares Sibelius World Cup Rock Jul10 Country. Finest Swinners Instrumental Derek Head Mystery Aug10 Derek Head 8 beat rock Summer in the Town….ephemeral keys Swinners on Stage …sweet compilation. Sept 2010 Organ Trial could be developed Don’t Break It ..(Stage Piano) Lone Beast of Chisenbury (Reggae) nice Chilean Miners Oct 2010 No songs Nov 2010 Trees are Bare Gwym Herbert Don’t Break It Dec 2010 Christmas Bash Mind Games Jan 2011 Shimmer Ice Queen One Foot Shuffle Feb 2011 No Music Mar 2011 The Emergence (not all mine ) BUT BRILLIANT April 2011 No songs: May 2011 Funky Kate and William Kate and William Good Luck Mayrockswin_royal-artillery (Used by The Royal School of Artillery,Larkhill) Jun 2011 Drums RA Ski Rides Stonehenge from Drums RA (bit messy) Summer 2011 (needs work) Jul 2011 Guitar Full July18_rock_RA final version for graduation day Aug 2011 No Songs Sept 2011 Autumn Contemplation Bridge Between Stars (Derek Head on SAX) September Heat sweeping synth + Jabbing Lead (NICE) The Breeze (Deep sweeping synth …beautiful stage piano twinkling later) Oct 2011 October Rock … Heavy Rock Glancing Blow (Derek Head on SAX) Dec 2011 Across the Canyon (an early remix) KorgM1 Back on the Korg M1 XMAS 2001 (Features Andy Stallum on Lead Guitar) Jan 2012 No Music Feb 2012 No Music Mar2012 Mixdown April 2012 No Music May 2012 Bagpuss…. Deep not brilliant Summer Needs investigating Jun 2012 Rocky Flight Twelve String The Beat Connor Jul 2012 Rocky Flight Twelve String The Beat Connor Drums rock used earlier Good one ….after studio reog Flying + Rock Beat Aug 2012 Rocky Flight Twelve String The Beat Connor Drums rock used earlier Good one ….after studio reog Flying + Rock Beat

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