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Local Bands I Like

De Moffs see their GIG List

This band is really quite exciting. Twin vocals and twin guitars give a full rich sound. Pounding bass and versatile Drummer keep the riff very tight. Male vocalist has an extreme dynamic range.They tackled some very complicated songs and did well. I think they should add "Midnight Oil" to their repertoire. They have the depth to pull this off.

They played at The Four Seasons on Thurs 6 April 2006. They have been booked again. ..Good.

Their web site is very stylish ...........

UPDATE .Fri 6 October 2006

Demoffs played at 4 Seasons, TERRIFIC ,,,people dancing everyhere, Really hard rock honest music. Yes you are good. Male vocalist is strong. Gal vocalist is also very good now and harmonies work nicely, Two lead Guitars and rock steady Bass and Drums mean good music


James Hollingsworth


The Four Seasons on Thursday 24 Aug 2006 . This man is good. I mean very good. He has crystal clear vocals and guitar to match. Its like hearing Genesis .....I was transported back to student days........and only he has managed this live .in my view EVER

Hoof Hearted

appeared at The Four Seasons, Devizes, Thurs 13 April 2006


This band truly rocks. There were 3 encores and they delivered. Gals and Boys in the audience were bouncing up and down to the music. Their set was so wonderfully varied. This band is in touch with what people like ...........Drummer was especially good, he is using the electronic variety. Also, the harmonics in the singing was particularly good. Pink Floyd was absolutely tremendous, you took me back to the Seventies big style. Cold Play excellent .Keep on Rocking. A little more treble needed in the mix we thought.(A minor point)

About A Girl

http://www.aboutagirl.co.uk/ Superb local band ....Jen sings see photo below, Dave on the drums, rocksteady and dynamic. Lovely pounding interesting bass and a lead guitar who gives an occassional virtuoso .......A nice mix of songs that I am sure will develop. This band you would like to cuddle.

Ian Parker Band


Perhaps due to a musical background steeped in the guitar playing of Hendrix, Green and Clapton, and the pop riffs of The Beatles, Parker’s compositions are as solid as a rock!

Ian has not played in Devizes in 2006 we miss him ..............please come back

Angel Up Front


Born in April 02, Suzi and the boys have grown into one of the hardest-working bands in the South West. Material ranges through indie, classic & modern rock, delivered with aplomb, acuity, and a side order of cheese. With stunning vocals, a rock-solid rhythm section and a gorgeous, talented guitar player who writes their copy, this is rock like it should be played – foot on monitor, tongue in cheek, and Angel Up Front.


Tom Toomey

http://www.musicforafrica.org.uk/ Tom Toomey. I have not heard a better guitarist in my life. to be fair, Michael Graves has not played the song he did (Someone to Depend on ) He plays Santana and Jimi Hendrix and a wide range of music. He appeared at the Bear Hotel on Fri 25 Nov 2005 and was outstanding. This man has true genius. Tom if you can hear this .please come back and I am trying to get you GIGS


Innes Sibun


"Guitar virtuoso Innes Sibun is recognised as a word-class guitarist who has extensive international tours and TV performances to his credit. "

"The Most Moving Blues You'll hear" Total Guitar Magazine.(And all Devizes people love you )


Bristol Band .......superb heavy Rock Band. Drummer has a double kit. Phenomenal drumming and super Classic Rock Sound.

Covers played include songs by Free, Alice in Chains, Cream, The Kinks, Bad Company, Ozzy Ozbourne, Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead, Thin Lizzy, UFO, ZZ Top, Diamond Head, Metallica, Motorhead, Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath.

Outsider are a massive Rock Band .................I loved them but the audience at Devizes will be missing out if they are not booked again.


Button Monkeys

Trowbridge Band .......good heavy Rock Band. Drummer excels

They played the best rendition of Led Zepplin I have ever heard tonight.24 Feb 2006 in the Four Seasons, Devizes. "What is and never should be". Wife has taken over the bass from Roger. The sound is still good. Roger, we miss your flute and bass line, good luck in your new band. Tony please remember to turn your volume up ...........you rock.


Outhouse Critics

doing a "last" Gig at Devizes .Bank Holiday Weekend 2006


They did a magnificent version of Handbags and the Glad Rags. A tight band who are better live than the samples on their web site. This band really Rocked

Outhouse Critics were an established five-piece band based in North Wiltshire, were playing a mixture of material from the last three decades. The band have now split up. That is bad news.


Wiltshire Loved you

Blues Reviewed

petederekcollete alan Kevin

Blues Reviewed

Full sound with a rock steady beat + bass lines that move well.
The drummer's cymbal work was inspiring to say the least.
Loved the interplay between Sax and Lead. In fact they blended in a surreal way in parts.
Singer is very attractive and has a great voice and there was a very diverse range of styles of music that no other band would attempt. This band really live inside the music they play.

I nearly cried during the Eric Clapton song

Excellent Band from Wiltshire. The legendary Pete Lamb has a music workshop in Potterne known to all good bands

Pete Lamb on bass guitars. (Left of photo)

Derek Head on Sax,

Colette lead vocals and rhythm guitar

Alan Jones on Drums,

Kevin on Lead Guitar and harmony vocals

Rogue Dolls

rogue dollsI have to be honest here, Daisy on the Drums is absolutely fantastic. She lives in the music and she inspires and DRIVES her talented band. You just have to watch her face, she is thinking it through all the time.AND there is so much to choose from.

Lead Singer, brilliant talented and very good looking, up-front Canadian Singer

Hammond Organ superb in parts, but she plays a very low key role and could be very great if she holds the note while the Guitar dances around that. I know she is probably classically trained but I ask her to let go and take complete control at times. (Daisy will add the switch beats too)

Lead Guitar ...brilliant

At times, this band plays together at a level beyond comprehension. In my view they are so near to perfection.

daisy on drums


Daisy hit those drums. Her cymbal work is beyond belief






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